Personalised approach

Building a personalised approach to care

Building a more personalised approach to care, in partnership with people through shared decision making, is perhaps the most important aim of Realistic Medicine. We must create a more open and trusting atmosphere that facilitates more meaningful conversations between people and their healthcare professionals that help people make informed choices about their treatment and care options, based on what matters most to them.

There are a number of initiatives underway that aim to build a more personalised approach to providing care. For example:


Citizens’ Jury

There’s a growing body of evidence that people who feel they’ve been listened to in medical consultations are more likely to adhere to treatment and less likely to regret their treatment choices.

A Citizens’ Jury is a way of involving people in the decision-making processes related to the functions of government. A group gathers to provide a deliberative response, or recommendations about a particular issue, or topic.

The Jury is now underway and was held over 3 weekends in October and November. The 25 members of the public who sit on the Jury are considering the question:

“What does good shared decision making look like and what do we need to make it happen?”

The Jury will formally present its recommendations on shared decision making to Scottish Government at a final meeting in January 2019. We are committed to considering the Jury’s recommendations and expect them to help inform what we can do to encourage everyone to feel confident in sharing decisions about their treatment and care with their healthcare professionals.

Helping us Grow Group (HUGG)

November 21, 2018

This is a unique collaboration of families and staff in the neonatal unit of the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Their aim is to support parents to be primary caregivers for their baby, no matter how sick, in partnership with clinical staff. This is a model of Family Integrated Care (FIC). Two key elements…

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Parkhead GPs

October 8, 2018

A number of pioneering schemes across Scotland have recently shown the potential of providing holistic support services in healthcare settings to help people address wider life circumstances affecting their health. In December 2015, two GP practices serving some of the most deprived communities in Scotland began a new experiment. Working with the doctors and practice…

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Project Lift

October 8, 2018

Health and social care is changing, and our health and care leaders must change too. We need leaders with vision, who believe that success comes through putting people at the heart of everything we do. We need to nurture and grow this culture where it exists, and enable all those coming into the workforce to…

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