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Demonstrating professionalism through approach, behaviour and attitudes of Realistic Medicine

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Welcome from the Chief Medical Officer

One of the main aims of Realistic Medicine is for people using healthcare services and their families to feel empowered to discuss their treatment fully with healthcare professionals, including the possibility that a suggested treatment might come with side effects – or even negative outcomes. Everyone should feel able to ask their healthcare professional why they’ve suggested a test, treatment or procedure, and all decisions about a person’s care should be made jointly between the individual and their healthcare team.

“By 2025, everyone who provides healthcare in Scotland will demonstrate their professionalism through the approaches, behaviours and attitudes of Realistic Medicine.”  Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer

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Realistic News

The Care Home Continence Improvement Project

November 10, 2019

The Care Home Continence Improvement Project Applying the principles of Realistic Medicine at NSS – continence care case study The Care Home Continence Improvement project, developed by NHS National Procurement, part of NHS National Services Scotland, is a great example of a project which used the principles of Realistic Medicine to improve outcomes for not…

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Case Study – NHS Orkney

September 30, 2019

“Realistic Medicine” has prompted and supported changes to the way NHS Orkney deliver maternity care for women with diabetes in a remote setting. The aim is to provide as much care locally as is safely possible, reducing unnecessary and costly travel and disruption for women and families and avoiding taking up unnecessary appointment times at…

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Value Improvement Fund

September 30, 2019

Value Improvement Fund The second round of the Value Improvement Fund resulting in the funding of 10 bids. The successful applications can be found here: Value Improvment Fund – 2019-20 and 2020-21 – Successful Projects Value Improvement Fund – NHS Lanarkshire – The use of 5 Questions healthcare education within a seconday school in North…

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