Ewan Bell

Realistic Medicine Clinical Lead / Associate Medical Director

Having graduated from Glasgow University in 1990, I spent the next 7 years as a Junior Doctor in just about all the Glasgow hospitals, dabbling in Acute Medicine, Diabetes and a bit of research. In 1997 I became a West of Scotland SpR in Clinical Biochemistry, again rotating through just about all the Glasgow and Lanarkshire hospitals. Bored with Glasgow, I moved to the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 2000 for 2 years to work as a Post-doc researcher, using my research in islet transplantation as the basis for my MD in 2004. Working in the USA converted me from being a cynical Glaswegian to a positive optimist! A Consultant Clinical Biochemist post in NHS Dumfries and Galloway beckoned in 2005 and thereafter I pursued medical management culminating in an exhausting but worthwhile 2 years as Associate Medical Director for Acute and Diagnostics! Now that I can breathe (and think) I Chair the D&G ADTC, lead Realistic Medicine in D&G and am the HIS National Clinical Lead for the ADTC Collaborative and National Review Panel. In my spare time I am house-husband and chef to my wife Kirsty, dad to 2 lads (Keir and Ruaraidh) and step-daughter (Holly), dog walker of 2 whippets (Poppy and Daisy) and an Italian Greyhound puppy – Lily. Which keeps me busy and out of trouble!



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