Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside

Realistic Medicine is a broad concept and in fact refers to Realistic Care. It relates to an approach that seeks to engage the Scottish people in their own health and social care and to do so with an increasingly shared understanding of what matters to each individual. This approach encourages health and social care professionals to work with patients, carers and the public to affect outcomes by reducing harm, personalising care and therefore improving the quality of experience of patients and staff.

We wish to support those facing health related decisions to feel that their voice leads an agreed approach. We wish to support staff so that they can recognise people as experts in their own lives and engage with humility and respect. Clinical decisions should be evidence based, accepting that the basis for this evidence should be examined with a critical eye to see if it is applicable to the individual in front of us. This clinical judgement should be shared and made with full discussion of their individual values and preference. This approach also has to consider the various reasons behind differences in care decisions across a region such as Tayside. Work will include attempts to improve consistency in care so there is confidence that decisions are based on evidence and consider personal preference.

In Tayside, our approach will be to encourage innovation, coproduction and value improvement. We will harness the unique talent available in the region to use quality improvement and design approaches to progress projects. A network involving a wide group of the public, health and care staff, university partners and other local innovators will develop ideas, share good practice and collaborate on projects. This work will be supported by management teams across the health and social care partnerships.

Steering Group members:

Shobhan Thakore, Emergency Medicine Consultant/Associate Medical Director for  Quality Management

Allyson Angus, Public Involvement Manager

Fiona Barnett, Clinical Co-ordinator for Specialist Palliative Care

Deans Buchanan, Consultant/Lead Clinician, Specialist Palliative Care

Diane Campbell, Associate Director, Patient Safety

Alison Carnegie, Community Nurse Manager

Susan Chisholm, Head of Nursing, Medicine & Cardiovascular

Alison Clement, GP/Clinical Director

Arlene Coulson, Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Gaynor Dickson, Communications Manager

Colin Fleming, Consultant Dermatologist and Deputy Operational Medical Director

Stewart Gillan, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Sharon Hilton Christie, Consultant Anaesthetist

Alana Brown-Kerr, ST Doctor

Maureen Lafferty, Consultant Physician in Renal Medicine

Matthew Lambert, Consultant in Medicine for the Elderly and Stroke

Lynn Lambie, Head of Nursing

Stuart Lyall, Head of Finance

Jaime Lyon, Finance Manager

Rodney Mountain, Consultant ENT

Nicola Gray, SISCC Associate Director

Michelle Watts, Associate Medical Director, Primary Care

Alison White, Consultant, Emergency Medicine

Tracey Williams, Associate Director, Improvement

Paul Arbuckle, Service Improvement Lead

Sue Cole, Patient Public

Francis Bennison, Patient Public