Project Lift

Health and social care is changing, and our health and care leaders must change too. We need leaders with vision, who believe that success comes through putting people at the heart of everything we do. We need to nurture and grow this culture where it exists, and enable all those coming into the workforce to develop their leadership potential so we can create effective leaders at all levels of care. That’s the ethos of NHS Scotland’s new leadership and talent management programme, Project Lift.

The Project Lift mission is to establish a systemwide approach to supporting, enhancing and growing leadership at all levels to transform the public sector in Scotland and improve the experience of our people. Project Lift covers four key elements:

Project Lift looks for all potential leaders, from whatever background, at whatever grade, in whatever role. If you are someone in the NHS who is genuinely willing to develop yourself and those around you, and if you are passionate about improving outcomes for the people of Scotland, Project Lift will commit to helping you live your potential. You can find out more at