Steinunn Boyce

Realistic Medicine Clinical Lead / Consultant in Palliative Medicine

I am a Consultant in Palliative Medicine working in NHS Fife. The service provides all specialist palliative care across Fife, including in-patient hospice, community and hospital palliative care. I have a particular interest in quality improvement with the patient at the heart of all service development work. I was on the steering group and provided clinical leadership to the Macmillan funded Transforming Care after Treatment (TCAT) project in Fife that developed a proactive approach to delivering palliative care to patients with lung cancer who are for best supportive care. The first Realistic Medicine document was published around the time we were writing up this project in 2016 and it was instantly clear that our work aligned wholly with the principles of RM. Our pro-active approach resulted in a reduction in variation in access to palliative care, involved people and those important to them in decisions, and reduced length of hospital stay and other potentially burdensome and unnecessary medical interventions.