Shobhan Thakore

Realistic Medicine Clinical Lead / Emergency Medicine Consultant

I am an Emergency Medicine doctor working in Tayside. I studied Medicine at the University of Dundee having grown up in London. Realistic Medicine resonated with me as the messages really reflected my own family’s coincidentally timed experience of illness and modern healthcare. I think the idea of a more realistic approach to care is an essential message as we face more complex decisions in clinical practice. After completing the Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship (SQSF) Programme I developed an increasing interest in methods that could improve the quality of clinical outcomes and patient and staff experience in healthcare. I am fortunate enough to lead the SQSF programme now so I have the opportunity to speak to clinicians from many different countries and learn how they approach our shared challenges. I work as Associate Medical Director for Quality Management in Tayside and therefore have a role in ensuring that our improvement resources are being used to maximal benefit for patients and staff. This comes with the role of Realistic Medicine Lead and this has enabled me to meet a great variety of individuals in Tayside and learn about their views and approaches to Realistic Medicine. It is clear that the messages resonate not only with clinical teams but with those working in social care and the public. Our attempts to engage so far have led to the formation of a steering group to help guide progress with input from clinicians, members of the public and academics. Outside of this, I am married to Julie, have a grown up son, Jack and a dog called Pebbles. My parents came from India, I was born in London and have lived most of my life in Scotland so my sporting allegiances are very complicated!”


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