Rebecca Helliwell

Realistic Medicine Clinical Lead / General Practitioner

For the last 15 years I have practiced as a fulltime GP working in a busy 2 site rural practice in Argyll.  As we are 2 hours by road from big hospitals, my 6 colleagues and I lead the clinical care in our active community hospital.  We lead an accident and emergency unit, have 15 inpatient acute beds, provide police work and I run our small chemotherapy unit which operates once a week.  There are thus many opportunities to practice realistic decision making and few of the traditional boundaries between secondary and primary care!  I lead our local GP cluster- comprising of our 6 neighbours- the furthest being 80 miles apart.   Argyll provides many wonderful outdoor opportunities so my busy work biography is well balanced by home busyness- sheep, hens, teenagers, trail runs and triathlon!

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