NHS Lanarkshire Realistic Medicine Conference - 25 November

The NHS Lanarkshire ‘Realistic Medicine: Back to the Future’ conference will take place on Thursday 25 November from 9.30am to 4pm. The conference will be delivered by both attendance and virtually via Microsoft Teams. Attendance in person will be limited to 20 places. To book a place, please email LQA.RealisticMedicineTraining@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

The conference is open to all NHS Lanarkshire and health and social care partnership staff.

The conference will feature updates from keynote speakers on the national realistic medicine programme. It will also showcase our progress and success to date, highlight best practice from across the country and help us map out the next steps in our realistic medicine journey. Training and workshop sessions on realistic medicine will provide an opportunity to learn and network with other colleagues.

Karen Morrow, realistic medicine programme manager, said: “The conference is open to all health and social care professionals within Lanarkshire. Attending the conference will enable staff to engage with the realistic medicine vision for Lanarkshire, how it aligns with recovery, remobilisation and redesign plans. It will also provide local and national updates on progress.

“CPD accreditation and revalidation will be achieved through conference keynote sessions and workshop activity with colleagues showcasing their innovative work.

“Although engagements continue to be restricted, providing a hybrid conference widens the opportunity for staff to be a part of the event. The virtual audience will have the opportunity for questions and answer sessions as well as the aforementioned workshops. The conference will support colleagues to develop increased awareness on realistic medicine principles enabling application into their own roles and specialty areas.”

For details of the conference flyer, programme and booking form, please click on the links below: