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24 Jun 2019

Living Realistically Event in Tayside May 2019

Tayside Realistic Medicine Conference Programme   Morning Presentations 1 – S Thakore 09_30 AM RM Conference Intro 2 – A Coulson 10.00 RM conf pres 17.5.19 3 – F Benison 10.00 RM Presentation 4 – K Arrow RM presentation 5 – G Smith Tayside RM Conference 17 05 19 6 – R Mountain Mac 11.10…

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18 Jun 2019

Realistic Medicine in NHS Borders

Borders General Hospital Newsletter; 15 May Conference Poster and Presentation, Email charter and Feedback chart:   Borders – Realistic Medicine Newsletter Borders – Realistic Medicine Poster Borders – Personalising Realistic Medicine Presentation Borders – Email charter Borders – Realistic Medicine Feedback Chart      

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18 Jun 2019

Leads Away Day - 12/13 March 2019 - Writeup

Realistic Medicine – Leads Away Day 12-13 March 2019 – write up   DRIVER DIAGRAM POSTS What support/resources are needed? Clearer structure in Boards Performance Management Scale up – bigger – faster Rigour and criticism in implementing “new” projects in a Board Data to be analysed ISD atlas will get big, quickly – do we…

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11 Jun 2019

Annual update - summaries of work to date and beyond

The Realistic Medicine Team in NHS Highland have developed brief summaries of the work they have done so far, as well as the work they have planned for 2019-2020.  You can access both documents here: NHS Highland – A year of RM in NHSH NHS Highland – Embedding Realistic Medicine NHSH 2019    

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3 Jun 2019

Citizen's Jury Recommendations

In October and November last year, we held the first ever Citizens’ Jury on a health topic in Scotland. A Citizens’ Jury gathers together a group of people who are representative of the entire population, and allows them to consider evidence from a wide range of experts on a particular question: in this case, the…

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30 May 2019

Shared Decision Making

What works to support and promote shared decision making: A synthesis of recent evidence Undertaken as part of a three month research internship with the Realistic Medicine policy team, this evidence review draws on recent international academic and policy literature applicable to Scotland to provide a summary of the evidence on how shared decision making…

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16 May 2019

Developing a Leg Ulcer

Developing a Leg Ulcer Pathway   What did we do? In January 2018 the community nursing team in NHS Orkney recognised that there was no standardised process for the management of patients with leg ulceration, a group was formed to address this. Aims and objectives: To create a standardised approach to managing patients with leg…

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2 May 2019

The DYNAMIC Project: an innovative approach for COPD

  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major healthcare challenge. More and more people are being diagnosed with COPD, but patients aren’t able to access good quality care and treatment for their condition.   People with COPD can suffer from flare-ups of their condition, when their breathing becomes much worse than normal. These episodes…

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29 Apr 2019

Publication of Personalising Realistic Medicine

  The Chief Medical Officer published her fourth report, Personalising Realistic Medicine, on the 25th of April 2019.   The report is available on the Scottish Government website. You can also read Catherine’s column all about the report in the Scotsman here.

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22 Mar 2019

Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside

Vision of the Realistic Medicine Steering Group in Tayside Realistic Medicine is a broad concept and in fact refers to Realistic Care. It relates to an approach that seeks to engage the Scottish people in their own health and social care and to do so with an increasingly shared understanding of what matters to each…

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