National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) Phase IV Report published

The National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) has presented their Phase IV Report, which was published on the Scottish Government website on 11 October 2021.

The Scottish Government has funded the National Demand Optimisation Group (NDOG) since its establishment in 2016, under the auspices of the Healthcare Science National Delivery Plan (NDP). The objective of the NDOG is to reduce unwarranted variation in laboratory diagnostic testing, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

The work of the NDOG aligns with the ethos of the Realistic Medicine approach; strengthening the relationships between those who provide and receive care, and ensuring that people receive appropriate and beneficial care that is evidence-based and in line with their preferences. Using evidence intelligently to continuously improve and challenge existing healthcare models, the approach taken by the NDOG is aligned with the principles of the National Performance Framework, in particular contributing to the associated health outcomes as it aims to ensure appropriate diagnostic testing for the Scottish population.

As Scotland moves into further stages of renewal and recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, laboratory testing will continue to play a hugely important role in healthcare delivery and improved outcomes in patient care.

Phase IV Report

A primary focus of Phase IV was the establishment of a defined data set to feed into a monitoring tool, tracking diagnostic activity across Scotland during the pandemic and into recovery. This data acts as a direct surrogate metric for associated clinical activity, to be used to identify healthcare gaps, monitor recovery, and enable evidence-informed prioritisation of decisions regarding the resumption of tests and pathways across Health Boards.

This report highlights the many achievements in Phase IV of the programme, including:

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