Tayside Realistic Medicine Conference Programme


Morning Presentations

1 – S Thakore 09_30 AM RM Conference Intro

2 – A Coulson 10.00 RM conf pres 17.5.19

3 – F Benison 10.00 RM Presentation

4 – K Arrow RM presentation

5 – G Smith Tayside RM Conference 17 05 19

6 – R Mountain Mac 11.10 Dundee 2019 final

7 – S Corbett – RM conference final copy

8 – H Dalgety 11.10 BreastBuddies RM

9 – T Croudace 11.10 RM conf

10 – C Fleming 11.50 RM conference 17.5.19


Afternoon Breakout Sessions

A Coulson RM Breakout Shared Decision Making 170519

C MacAulay pm Managing Medico 17 May

D Buchanan 2019 RM Conference Co-authorship


Posters of RM related work

Blairgowrie and district next steps Realistic Medicine

BSR Poster- Emotional Health and Well-being Matters Portrait

ECaP Effective Care pathways reducing waste and variation

End of life care audit poster

End of Life Care Comms workshop poster

Integrated renal support

Making measurement matter in Pallisative Care

Palliative score outcome measurement in acute care

Patient Public Forum Medicines Realistic Medicine Poster May 2019

Realistic medicine PAU attendances

realistic medicine poster nasal brushings

Realistic Prescribing Workshop poster May 2019

Reducing waste and reducing harm from medicines palliative care

Shared Decision Making